Gibb River Road 6 – Miners Pool, Drysdale River Station

13th – 15th July, 2015

One week on the GRR, one week into the school holidays and we were craving some peace and quiet away from the crowds so we decided to head up to Drysdale River Station, on the Kalumburu Road towards Mitchell Plateau. A couple we had camped next to at Silent Grove told us about Miners Pool, a bush camping area belonging to the Drysdale River Station. They had spent a few quiet days there swimming in the river waterhole and relaxing. They also told us the road was being graded when they left and would be like a ‘highway’ by the time we got there.

After topping up our shower water tanks at Mt Barnett Roadhouse, we set off to find our little piece of paradise. The GRR had begun to deteriorate since we arrived a couple of days earlier but it was still a reasonable drive. Once we turned on to the Kalumburu Road, our highway was not quite as we had been led to believe. There were some rough corrugated patches but it was still not too bad.

We arrived at Drysdale River Station just before lunchtime, paid our camping fees for 3 nights at Miners Pool and got directions to the campground. As our helpful fellow camper had raved about the Kimberley Burger at the Station’s café, we decided to share one prior to setting off for our camp.

It was very good but a bit difficult to share. We enjoyed sitting in the shade of the mango trees though.

There is no mobile phone reception here of course but a pay phone is provided in a unique way.

The Miners Pool campground is located 2kms north of the Station homestead and 3kms off the road.

Based on past experience, we once again chose the Generator area even though we don’t carry one.

So we had this whole area to ourselves for most of our stay with just one or two fellow campers and it was just a short walk down to the Drysdale River for a swim. The non-generator area by contrast was fairly busy with lots of camper trailers, tents and dogs so we were happy with our choice.

The only facilities provided are pit toilets. Fortunately, we have our own shower and toilet on board but this row of loos makes for an interesting photo.

The classic outback Aussie dunny. A 44 gallon drum set into the ground with the luxury of a proper seat. BYO toilet paper though.

And so we spent a restful few days swimming, catching up on some washing, defrosting the fridge, giving the van a bit of a clean inside and out and, of course, Erich taking lots of photos.

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2 Responses to Gibb River Road 6 – Miners Pool, Drysdale River Station

  1. wandwill says:

    This looks so peaceful, enjoy

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