Around Kununurra

21st July, 2015

The property we were staying on in Kununurra belongs to Rocky, a friend of Kay and Bruce. His partner, Mel, took us and Kay for a drive around Kununurra while Bruce and Rocky were doing some work at Rocky’s farm.

First stop was at Ivanhoe Crossing, formerly an access road across the lower Ord River. Now permanently closed as the volume of water being diverted has increased and is too deep for vehicles to safely cross.

This guy is crazy. There are saltwater crocs in this part of the Ord below the diversion dam.

Kay and Mel


Kay was on the hunt for some local red pawpaw (papaya) so Mel stopped at farm gates to see what was available. These are boxes of a few different varieties of star fruit or carambola. There were also packets of dried sugar banana and dried chilies.

An irrigation channel from the Ord River

Next stop was Anzac Hill but the views were no longer as spectacular as when Mel had last been there. The surrounding trees had obstructed most of the view but there are always boabs to photograph.

Mel was determined to get a good shot.

Another shot of the diversion dam.

On the way to a banana farm, Mel stopped so we could photograph this giant boab.

Lovely bananas at the farm.

Serve yourself and put the money in the honesty box.

This photo is taken from the safe swimming area above the diversion dam. Only freshwater crocs here. Diversion dam to the right of the photo.

Mahogany plantations being felled for export to China.

Mahogany trees lining an irrigation channel on Rocky’s farm.

Rocky’s farm is run by his son now and grows pumpkins, melons and chickpeas. Pumpkins were in the process of being harvested. Butternuts and Jarrahdale.

We helped ourselves to a few butternuts.

Then Mel drove us around more of the farm. These irrigation channels mean there is no shortage of water for crop growing.

Sandalwood plantation on the left.

Harvesting and grading Butternuts.

Rows and rows of lovely chickpea bushes just beginning to set pods.

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