To Bullwaddy Rest Area

26th July, 2015.

We enjoyed our two night stay at Jalmurark Campground but decided to move on. Having been told of the condition of the Savannah Way from Roper Bar to Cape Crawford, we decided to stay on the bitumen for the time being.

So we continued further south on the Stuart Highway, stopping in at the iconic Daly Waters Pub, just off the highway, to refuel and, as it was almost lunchtime, sample their Barramundi Burger.

Back on the highway, we took the left turn in the direction of Cape Crawford, planning to camp overnight at Bullwaddy Rest Area. There were a few vans already parked when we arrived but we found a nice level area where we could tuck in out of the way.

As it turned out all the other vans bar one had just stopped for lunch, so we had the campsite almost to ourselves.

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1 Response to To Bullwaddy Rest Area

  1. Kay says:

    Nothing changed at Daly waters in 9 years!

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