Cape Crawford, Southern Lost City Limmen National Park

27th July, 2015.

I had read on Wikicamps, that the Cape Crawford Caravan Park gets very busy so it is advisable to arrive early. With this in mind, we packed up early at Bullwaddy and headed further east on the single lane bitumen road to Cape Crawford.

There were already a number of vans and motorhomes parked in a rather higgledy, piggledy fashion in the camping area. We paid for a site and were told to camp wherever we liked. That was fine at this time of the day and we got ourselves a nice shady spot with power and water closeby. However, by 4pm that afternoon it was chaos. Vehicles were parked all over the place. I have never been in a caravan park that allowed vehicles to drive nose in. Normally they insist on vehicles facing the access road. By nightfall, there were vehicles that were actually parked in; there was no way they could have left before the vehicles in front or behind them. I should have taken a photo but did not.

There was a large aviary behind the main building with some exotic parrots.

Our reason for staying at Camp Crawford was to use it as a base to explore the Southern Lost City in the Limmen National Park approximately 120kms to the north.

28th July, 2015.

We set off early the next morning so that we could do the walk before the heat of the day set in. Daytime temperatures were around 30 degrees Celsius, although it is technically winter now. As we had been told, the road was extremely rough and we were glad that the van was safely tucked up at Cape Crawford.

The formations were quite amazing, like a mini Bungle Bungles.

Another Lost City in the distance.

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