Daytrip to Karumba

2nd August, 2015.

As it is only around 80 kms of good sealed road from Normanton to Karumba, we decided to take a day trip there instead of taking the van. We don’t fish so didn’t think a stay in the town was warranted.

I had no idea what to expect – probably just a few fishing shacks and not much else, so I was a little surprised at what we found. Not enough to make us want to stay there – it was far too crowded with fisherfolk in the caravan parks. Not our kind of thing at all but it was interesting to have a good look around and get our first look at the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The Norman River at Karumba looking towards where it enters the Gulf of Carpentaria.

At the Point.

We had a lovely lunch at the Sunset Tavern – the best Barramundi we have had so far on this trip.

Whilst driving around the back streets we came across a pair of Brolgas feeding beside the road. The last time we saw Brolgas was on the black road between Quilpie and Adavale, so we were quite excited to get so close.

To watch a video of the action of this brolga, check out this video clip on youtube:


Of course, there was plenty of other wildlife to photograph.

This Kite sat in the tree close to our table at the Tavern for the whole time we were there.

On our return journey to Normanton, at a waterhole alongside the road, we came across dozens of Brolgas.

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