To Croydon

4th August, 2015

Our journey today would take us through the town of Croydon, the destination of the Gulflander train line, and on to a free camp that we had been told about at the Normanton Information centre, the Cumberland Historic Mine Site.

As mentioned in a previous post, Croydon had been a gold mining town but as the gold petered out the size of the town’s population diminished so that today it comprises just a few hundred people. However some of the town’s original building have been preserved.

A few saplings and a hessian sack make a comfortable looking chair – this would probably cost a fortune in an artsy shop today.

The audio re-enactment of a court case involving a local woman arrested for being drunk and disorderly was very entertaining. She was sentenced to two months’ jail. Ironically, reading some more information about different court cases, a Chinese man arrested for selling opium also received the same sentence. Strange priorities they had back then.

In the rear rooms of the courthouse were many displays of objects from yesteryear and Erich and I both realised how old we are as we both used the same type of switchboard in our early working lives. Our daughter despairs when watching oldies texting but we had to be pretty dexterous not to get those lines crossed way back when.

The former Schoolhouse in the process of being restored.

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