Cobbold Gorge Hike

7th August, 2015.

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour, so much so that we decided to take a helicopter flight the next day to bring the whole landscape into perspective. It was recommended to take an afternoon flight when the sun is directly over the gorge. As we had time on our hands the next morning, we set out on a 4.5 km return hike to a lookout.

Beautiful morning light.

Quite a lot of rock in the area is quartz.

And, of course, there are birds!

This photo does not do justice to the steepness of the track but on the really steep parts I was concentrating on keeping my footing, not taking photos!

The view at the top made the climb worthwhile with an almost 360 degree vista.

Looking back to the resort in the foreground.

A few too many trees in the foreground to get a really good panorama.

We think the Gorge is in the patch of sandstone in the background about one-third from the left in this panorama.


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