Einasleigh – Copperfield Gorge

8th August, 2015.

After our few interesting days at Cobbold Gorge, our next major destination was Undara where we planned to take the Lava Tube Tours but, as we are in no particular hurry, took a scenic drive to an overnight camping spot on the Kennedy Highway north of The Lynd Junction.

Our route took us back to Forsayth and then on a very picturesque drive to the small town of Einasleigh. We had expected this road to be gravel but it was almost entirely bitumen making for good travelling time.

Einasleigh is a small town on the Savannahlander railway route, situated on the Copperfield River. There is a pub

and a Police station and not a lot else but we wanted to have a look at Copperfield Gorge, just a 200 metre walk from the pub. The gorge has been created by the river cutting through lava rock. We were told there were a couple of freshwater crocodiles sunning themselves on the rocks but by the time we got to the cliff, they had moved into the water.

Driving south-east from Einasleigh, we were on the Gregory Development Road, which was rather corrugated and rough, making for the Lynd Junction on the Kennedy Highway where we refuelled. There were caravans parked everywhere on both sides of the road. It was around lunchtime so perhaps they were just stopping for a quick lunch break where there was room to park and good phone signal. However, we continued north with an eye out for a suitable overnight camping spot so that we could get to Undara the next morning. With the aid of Wikicamps, we found a suitable spot a little way off the highway.

These were our only companions for the night.

And here they were again the next morning.

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