Undara Experience – Lava Tube Tour

10th August, 2015.

There are two different Lava Tube Tours to choose from: The Archway Tour which is conducted on walkways and has steps and the Active Explorer Tour which involves quite a bit of climbing up and down collapsed rocks leading in and out of the Lava Tubes. We chose the Active Explorer and I hoped it would not be beyond my physical capabilities. Fortunately, it turned out that there were chains on the steepest sections which we could hold onto while negotiating the descents and ascents.

Our Guide

The first Lava Tube

The descent.

The exit.

The second Tube.

Moving deeper into this tube it was totally dark and required torches to be able to see the amazing patterns on the walls and ceilings and to actually see where we were walking as the floor of the tube was a little uneven. Most of the time all we could do was point the camera and shoot. It was impossible to actually see what the camera was seeing.

The spots in the photo are dust motes. With so many people wandering around on the powdery floor, there was quite a bit of dust in the air.

The exit.

The lava tubes were a unique experience and quite different from caves and we were pleased to have done the tour although my thighs were protesting the next day. I would have liked to do the Archway Tour as well. Perhaps on a return visit.

We arrived back at the resort at lunchtime and decided to treat ourselves at the onsite café.

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2 Responses to Undara Experience – Lava Tube Tour

  1. Great post, one day I will get to see the lava tubes.

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