Easter 2016 – Texas Qld

This year’s Caravaners Forum Easter UWE was to be held in Finley NSW and, as we had no firm travel plans until June, we decided to make a 6 week round trip to attend the weekend gathering and to include a gathering at Wandoan over the Anzac Day weekend being organised by the founder of RV Homebase, where we live, coinciding with the Wandoan Show and other local events.

Fellow forum members, Ian and Mary, who we have met on a couple of occasions, suggested travelling down to Finley together after which they would carry on to another gathering at Crystal Brook in South Australia and we would make our return journey via Wandoan.

As Ian and Mary live at the Gold Coast we decided to meet up with them at the free camp on the Dumaresq River at Texas on the Qld/NSW border.

15th March Texas

Hitched up in our garage

Outside and ready to roll

Perfect timing!

Looking back towards the town from the campsite.

Our camp site

Female Red Rump Parrot – the first of many that we were to see on this trip.

The more colourful male Red Rump Parrot

Dumaresq River, Texas

Inquisitive guinea fowl

Male Red Rump Parrots

The red rump is visible in this photo

Crested pigeon

Old bridge

White faced Heron

Apostlebirds at our camp site + Ian and Mary

The Phoenix is the town symbol signifying its recovery from devastating floods in 2011.

Interesting Art Deco building

Texas Main Street

Kookaburra waiting for breakfast

Mary and i walked in to Texas for a look around and to buy some bread. While there I thought I would have a look for a Geocache placed in the park by fellow RV Homebase residents and keen Geocachers, Liz and Bruce. Despite our best efforts we could not find it though we knew it had to be in the tree we were searching. Next morning Erich checked it out on his early walk and found it quickly. Geocacheing can be a frustrating pastime!

We enjoyed our 2 nights on the Dumaresq River and will return again.

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