RV Homebase Group Getaway

Having had such a good time at Standown Park for New Year’s Eve, fellow RVHB residents, Bev and Frans, decided it would make the perfect place for a residents’ getaway which was duly organised for the weekend of 20th & 21st February, which incidentally coincided with Frans’ birthday.

A total of 18 RVs made it to the venue for periods ranging from two days to a full week. Standown’s great owners, Rod and Pam, catered a camp oven dinner for the whole park on the Saturday night which was enjoyed by all.

During the days many people took day trips to nearby Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach while others enjoyed playing card and board games and once the cooler afternoons arrived, Klopp, Finska and Disc Bowls were enjoyed by many.

Followed of course by Happy Hour.

To celebrate Frans’ birthday, a number of us lunched at the Tin Can Bay Marina on Sunday with our neighbours Peter and Helen, who could not join us for the camping weekend, driving down for the lunch. The 5 couples still remaining at Standown on the Tuesday enjoyed a farewell lunch together at one of our favourite places, Silky Oak Tea Gardens, just a short drive from the caravan park.

A very successful gathering – thanks to Bev and Frans for organising it.

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