Welcoming a New Year – 2016

2016 got off to a fine start for us when we welcomed it in at one of our favourite places, Standown Park http://standown.com.au/. The theme for New Year’s Eve was the ‘60s and ‘70s with live entertainment and a communal meal. As we are occasional Geocachers, we decided to combine the trip to Standown with a Geocaching event being held at Traveston near Gympie over the New Year weekend.

I mentioned our New Year plans to fellow RV Homebase residents and keen Geocachers, Bev and Frans, who decided to join us and who mentioned it also to another RVHB couple, Bruce and Liz, who are mega Geocachers, so now we were a group of 3. Our lovely neighbours, Peter & Helen, although not Geocachers, thought Standown for New Year’s eve was a great idea so we ended up being a group of 4.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening – great music and good company.

New Year’s Day saw three vans head off to Traveston for the Geocaching event. Here we are camped up together – Frans, Liz, Bruce, Bev, Erich and Lesley.

There were lots of caches not far from where we were camped so we spent an enjoyable time tracking some of them down.

We are always cautious putting our hands into hollow logs to retrieve a cache as we can never be sure what critters might be in there.

Liz, Frans and I were happy to let the others do the hard work to find the cache at the top of this hill.

We enjoyed our few days of camping and cacheing before heading home.

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1 Response to Welcoming a New Year – 2016

  1. Kay McLellan says:

    Hi. Just read all your posts- love Texas. Usually go that way when going to Louise’s. You have got me motivated to finish my first for this trip. Too much talking here at Bedford!!

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