Easter 2016 – Caroona

18th March

After leaving Bingara, we skirted around Tamworth as we had been there before and headed to Werris Creek for lunch. There was a Geocache at the historic railway station opposite the cafe so we decided to try our luck.

The Geocache was meant to be somewhere near these stairs – also it eluded us, again!!

Another monument for Erich to investigate.

Contrasting with the architecture of the historic railway station building were these unusual metal sculptures.

Unfortunately, a heavy rain shower struck sending us back to our car and on our way to Caroona.

The drive was through very pleasant countryside and we easily found the campsite located next to a small store/roadhouse where the price of diesel was 10 cents per litre cheaper than where we filled up after Werris Creek. Very annoying!

We soon settled in to await Ian & Mary’s arrival from Tamworth.

A big storm was brewing to the west – nicely composed by Erich to include the conveniences which actually had flushing loos.

And before long we were in the midst of it.

A great shot of Mary with the storm clouds in the background.

A few of the locals came to say hello.

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2 Responses to Easter 2016 – Caroona

  1. Kay McLellan says:

    What the devil are those grey stiped looking birds? Love misty photos.

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