Easter 2016 – Cunnamulla

5th April

We got a reasonably early start from Cobar heading towards Bourke with the intention of stopping for the night at a rest area north of Bourke. Having been to Bourke twice before there was no reason for us to stop except to refuel.

Our planned overnight stop was at the Enngonia South Rest Area, 66kms north of Bourke, which we reached at lunchtime. There is quite a large area to camp in but just a sheltered table, water tank (empty) and bins but it was good enough for overnight. We were joined later in the afternoon by a couple of caravans and a converted bus and a million flies and ants. There was very little overnight traffic so we had a reasonable night’s sleep. Next morning we woke to the sound of bees. We were parked fairly close to a flowering tree and it was alive with bees. The container we use to catch our waste water had a trail of ants crawling up it and onto our waste pipe so Erich removed the container to get rid of the ants. Next thing the waste pipe was crawling with bees which were also swarming around the back of the van, so before emptying the washing up water Erich drove a few meters forward while I emptied the sink to flush out the bees. We were lucky that neither of us got stung in the packing up process.

Beautiful early morning sky looking north up the Kidman way.

En route to the border between New South Wales and Queensland, Erich was keen to stop in the small town of Enngonia to photograph the Memorial Hall for submission to the monumentaustralia.org.au website.

Not much else to see in the town so we carried on with the intention of stopping at the border for a Geocache.

As usual the cacheing Gods were not on our side and despite a good hunt we could not locate the Cache.

We arrived in Cunnamulla around lunch time and the town was certainly much smaller than I expected. We stayed at the Riverside Caravan Park which is on the banks of the Warrego River and is probably the nicest CP we have stayed in. Great drive through sites with large grassy areas for our table and chairs, beautifully bordered by flowering shrubs, fruit trees and herbs all of which we were welcome to make use of.

There was plenty of bird life to keep us entertained as well.

Brown Honeyeater

And a lovely sunset.

Double barred Finches

The next day we had a wander around town with Erich photographing anything that took his fancy.

The Memorial Fountain

The Cunnamulla Fellow

Some interesting headstones at the Cemetery.

We booked three nights at the Caravan Park and planned a day trip to Eulo and the Yowah Opal Fields for the next day.

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