Easter 2016 – Cunnamulla again

9th April

I omitted some photos from the previous post about Cunnamulla so here they are.

Views of the Warrego River just a few meters from our caravan. The locals enjoyed waterskiing on the river in the afternoons.

Another lovely sunset.

A pretty art work hanging from a tree near the BBQ areas.

It is sad to see the decline of these iconic outback towns with so many empty shops and buildings. Monument Australia had an RSL listed in Cunnamulla but without any photos so Erich attempted to locate the building. Chatting to a local, he was told the RSL closed some 8 years previously and the building was still for sale but she warned him if he wanted to buy the building it was full of white ants. This lady told him the reason it closed was due to the stricter drink driving laws whereas the tyre dealer, who fitted new tyres to the caravan for us, said it was due to the drought and so little money around. It probably was a combination of both. As a result of Erich’s investigations, Monument Australia has removed the RSL listing from their website.

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