Easter 2016 – Bollon

9th April

After discovering that our caravan tyres on the front axle were not going to see us home as we had hoped at the start of the trip, we arranged with the local Cunnamulla tyre dealer to fit two new tyres on Saturday morning. While this was happening I stocked up on meat from the butcher and got chatting about where we were from as one does and it turned out that he used to have a butcher shop in Hervey Bay which is only about 35 kms from where we live and he knew our local butcher. Small world as we so often find.

So with new rubber we headed east for the first time on this trip, leaving Cunnamulla at around 9.15am for the 180 km trip to the small town of Bollon. Our destination was the donation camp on Wallam Creek about which we had heard glowing reports.

The camping area is huge though quite busy when we arrived but we managed to find a spot not too far from the creek that afforded good sun exposure for most of the day. Our plan was to stay till the following Tuesday.

The town certainly has made a great effort to attract campers – there is a toilet at the camping area, rubbish bins spaced every 100 metres or so and bore water taps about every 200 metres close to the concrete walkway leading into town, primitive BBQs, free showers and toilets in town and a dump point. The information centre has a very good historical display, the cafe has a shearing display and the pub does reasonably priced meals. Other than that, there is not much to Bollon but nice shady trees down the middle of the few streets

By Monday the campsite had begun to empty and for the rest of our stay there were generally no more than 10 vehicles camped each night.

Beautiful sunsets

The Bollon Cemetery was situated towards the far end of the camp.

Glorious clouds at sunset.

As we try to spend money in these small towns that do so much for travellers, we had lunch at the pub one day and found this interesting use for a hat stand.

Some of the interesting old buildings in town.

Mobile dental clinic.

Yet another beautiful sunset.

On Monday, Erich received an email to say that his beloved camera had been repaired and was awaiting collection at Camera House in Chermside so we had to make a decision about where to have the camera sent so that we could collect it on our travels. As we were very happy with our campsite and had no immediate need to move, we decided that St. George, 112 kms to our east, would be the logical place to have it couriered to. Camera House sent us the tracking number and the package was promptly left at the St. George Post Office on Wednesday afternoon. What great service! So it was no hardship for us to unhitch and combine collecting the camera with a bit of shopping and sightseeing. I will make St. George a separate post.

One of the delights of our stay at Bollon was the prolific wildlife, particularly birds, that we saw. There are many photos which I will make a separate post as well.

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