Easter 2016 – St George

14th April

On receiving advice that Erich’s camera had been repaired, we decided to have it sent to St George, the closest large town to Bollon. As we had no real need to move camp we decided to extend our stay in Bollon and unhitch from the van and drive the 112 kms to St George once the parcel was at the Post Office there.

We must compliment Camera House at Chermside in Brisbane for their great customer service. This is the second warranty repair to Erich’s Olympus OM-D EM1 camera that they have organised for us and both times everything has gone smoothly and they have promptly sent the camera to wherever we have requested. This time we needed the tracking number so that we could check remotely when the camera arrived in St George. It arrived there on Wednesday afternoon and we drove in to collect it, do some grocery shopping and a bit of sightseeing the next day.

Unfortunately the photos Erich took with my camera in St George prior to collecting his camera have mysteriously disappeared. Therefore we have no photos of the lovely park along the Balonne River that had been in flood recovery mode the last time we were there in 2012. The area is now fully recovered and an absolute “picture”. You will have to take my word for it!

There were two Geocaches in town and we were determined to increase our tally this time. The first cache was at the weir over the Balonne River on the western side of town. An easy find.

We continued in to town and collected the camera from the Post Office, did the grocery shopping and refuelled before heading out to the other Geocache located at the Riversands Winery, where we decided to have lunch at their garden cafe. There Erich was able to assemble his camera and get it all set up the way he likes it.

Prior to ordering our Ploughman’s Lunches we had a wine tasting of a few of their reds and whites which were surprisingly good so we bought a few bottles. We have to support these businesses, you know!

I took these photos with my iPhone.

In our haste to have lunch we forgot about the Geocache located near the entry to the winery. It turned out to also be an easy find as we exited the winery.

On our last visit to St George, we had wanted to visit The Unique Egg but sadly it was closed that day. Not so this time. It was well worth the $5 each entry fee to listen to Stavros (Steve) Margaritis recount how he came to Australia from Greece in his youth, watch a 5 minute video and view the many carved Emu eggs on display.

For comparison sake for those who have never seen an emu egg, this is an emu egg in its original state placed beside hen eggs to show its size.

Just a few examples of Steve’s passion. Each egg is displayed on an illuminated stand with mirrors angled to show the completely carved egg.


It was really a unique display.

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3 Responses to Easter 2016 – St George

  1. Kay says:

    That egg place was not open when we were there. The 2 times we have been at Bollon there has been no water in the little creek so things were not the nicest as very dry.

    • swisslulu says:

      At the moment there is plenty of water making it a very pleasant place to stay. Lots of beautiful birds. The Unique Egg is a great thing to see if you can get there when it is open.

  2. learick2 says:

    Incredible talent

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