Easter 2016 – Wondai

26th April
We could have made it home from Wandoan in a long day of driving. But as we were not in a hurry we decided to break for the night in Wondai. We set up camp in the middle of town in the old railway yard. Just a few meters from the van was the Wondai Hotel. As it was lunch time we decided to have a pub lunch. However when we entered the hotel, we were told that this is the only day of the week that they don’t do lunch.

I asked which place they would recommend for lunch and we were directed to Dan’s Diner.

Wondai is a pleasant little town and we had a bit of a walk around. We noticed the Emu statue on the other side of the road, but didn’t inspect it further. When we returned to the van I checked out http://monumentAustralia.org.au to see what monuments were in town. It turns out the Emu is not just a statue, it is a memorial to a particular Emu that used to live in Wondai. Of course I had to go and take some photos so that they can be added to the entry on MonumentAustralia.

According to MonumentAustralia Charlotte was accidentally killed by a local’s car.

I kept on exploring Wondai – this would have been an alternative lunch spot.

Outside the Timber Museum I was impressed by this statue. Inside the museum I learned that the statue was made by a Swiss. Originally the chap didn’t wear a hat. This was considered odd in the Australian Sun and at the request of a few locals, the artist added the hat.


Inside the timber museum were more sculptures by the same artist. The museum is well worth a visit. It tells the story of the timber industry around Wondai.


More statues by the Swiss.

The following morning as usual I went for a walk. This photo was taken close to the caravan.

I continued along the former railway track. This abandoned butter factory stands as a reminder of a bygone era. Apparently butter used to be exported all over the world, but according to the guy at the information center this all changed when the European Union opened borders between the EU countries. Interesting to see that the butter factory was operated by a Maryborough cooperative.

On the other hand, it looks like the timber industry is still operative.

The Wondai Post Office.

After my walk we were soon on our way home to RV Homebase. We will enjoy a short stay at home before venturing off on another caravanning trip.

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One Response to Easter 2016 – Wondai

  1. Kay says:

    A relative of mine who lived in Wondai did a lot4 of the wood work t that museum

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