Days 8 & 9 – To Kununurra and beyond

8th June, 2016 – Sullivan Creek Rest Area – Gregory National Park

It was an easy leg from Katherine to the Sullivan Creek Rest Area in the Gregory National Park. We camped at this rest area last year on our way home from WA. At that time the rest area was very busy so I was a bit apprehensive about finding a spot for the night. My fears were unfounded as there were just two vehicles in the area when we arrived giving us plenty of choice for suitable spots even though it is not a large area.

We faced the awning side towards the central picnic area so we could sit in the shade of the trees and later in the shade of the van without having to deploy the awning itself. It was an extremely hot day with the temperature in the van reaching over 39 degrees in the afternoon.

Erich decided to try a bit more of the long exposure photography in the evening and the result was spectacular.

The first is a normal photograph and the second is using the camera’s long exposure feature. Erich used a torch shining into the trees behind the van to lighten the foreground.

9th June, 2016

This is a nice capture of sunrise the next morning.

We got off to a fairly early start having cleared the fridge of any remaining fruit and vegetable matter to be disposed of before reaching the quarantine checkpoint on the WA border.

The scenery heading towards Victoria River and on to Timber Creek is quite spectacular at times. All of these photos were taken by me as we drove along so are not great quality but give an idea of the terrain.

We refuelled at Timber Creek where there are two fuel outlets right next to each other but there was 13 cents difference in the price of diesel between the two. I have been using the FuelMap app on the iPad to good effect on this trip and update the prices whenever I can.

The Quarantine checkpoint was not busy when we arrived at the border and we were quickly through after having the Engel fridge in the car and the van fridge checked.

It was Erich’s birthday so we planned on picking up some bubbly to celebrate at our overnight stop after Kununurra. What we hadn’t reckoned with was gaining one and a half hours in time difference crossing the border and the fact that bottle shops in Kununurra do not open before 2pm! We refuelled at Ordcon Kununurra which we were told about on our trip last year and is generally 10c cheaper per litre than the other fuel outlets in town. This time it was 8c cheaper, certainly worth the few extra kilometres drive. We stocked up with fruit and vegetables again at Coles in town and set off for our next camp at Dunham Bridge rest area. Turning south approximately 40kms west of Kununurra, we were now on roads new to us as this intersection is where we finished our Gibb River Road trip last year.

There were already a few campers set up when we arrived at Dunham River in the very early afternoon but we found a suitable spot out of the way.

There were several Red-tailed Black Cockatoos nearby that Erich managed to photograph.

This is probably a female given the orange-yellow tail panels.

I’m not good at identifying Raptors but this is probably a Whistling Kite.

For Erich’s birthday dinner, I cooked Steak Diane, potato gratin and Brussels sprouts which he enjoyed with a couple of glasses of red.

icon-envelope-tick-round-orange_184x116-v1.png Virus-free.
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2 Responses to Days 8 & 9 – To Kununurra and beyond

  1. Geoff Burgess says:

    Great pics Eric ! Looks like you had a sumptuous Birthday dinner. The smile says it all. We are elnjoying the great weather in Karumba. Travel safe almost there,

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