Day 10 – to Mary Pool

10th June, 2016

Once again Erich was out early to capture the morning light at Dunham River before we packed up to move on. Unfortunately, the river can’t be seen from the campsite.

There is a geocache at the bridge that Erich located on his walk but he was unable to get the lid off the container so we decided to have another go at it as we departed. In the end it required a screwdriver to prise off the lid.

The scenery on this leg of the Great Northern Highway surprised us once again being very picturesque. Erich made the remark that, excluding the spectacular gorges, this is a prettier drive than the Gibb River Road.

We refuelled in Halls Creek and actually had driveway service, the first we have experienced in many years though I think it had more to do with preventing driveoffs than providing old fashioned service. Erich wanted to photograph a memorial that was documented on Monument Australia but had no accompanying photograph. Located at the racecourse, the memorial is dedicated to those helicopter pilots killed in the course of their work in the pastoral industry across northern Australia. Surprisingly, there were already 11 plaques and, sadly, room for more.

To read more about the memorial and see more of Erich’s photos of the site go to

Heading south from Halls Creek, the scenery became a little less interesting with just the occasional small breakaway to add interest.

We arrived at our next camp ground, Mary Pool, around lunchtime to find the camping area already very busy in the area near the water. Access to the camp ground is via a concrete causeway which must obviously get flooded during the wet season given its condition.

However, on our visit there was not a lot of water and all the campsites with a view of the water were already taken. It amazes us how many people are prepared to camp under gum trees given that these trees have a nasty habit of dropping limbs with no warning. Not for us, so we found a spot out in the open.

After lunch, Erich wandered around taking photos of some of the birdlife and scenery.

A Little Black Cormorant.

I wonder what these two Masked Lapwings are saying to each other.

Black-fronted Dotterels.

Cormorants waiting for lunch.

Little Corellas.

A Pied Butcherbird.

No pictures of how crowded the campsite got but travellers were still rolling in at dusk trying to find a level spot. This is not how we like to travel and I doubt we will stop here again.

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1 Response to Day 10 – to Mary Pool

  1. Kay says:

    Totally agree with your comment about this being a prettier drive that along the GRR. Looks very green everywhere which is good.

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