Days 13 – 21 – Broome

13th – 21st June, 2016.

It was an easy drive from Ellendale Rest Area to Broome’s Gateway, the caravan park where we plan to stay for the duration of our visit to Broome this year. We stayed here for two weeks last year and decided it would be the ideal place to leave the van while we enjoy our 9 day Kimberley cruise.

Our first night gave us a spectacular sunset.

The following are a few photos from around the caravan park.

One of the many frangipani trees in flower around the park.

There is also a lot of bird life here. This is a Great Bowerbird.

A pair of Little Friarbirds.

We took advantage of our early arrival in Broome to have the Landcruiser serviced as it had just clocked up the regulation 10,000 kms since the last service in Maryborough. On our 6 week trip to southern NSW over Easter, a chip in our windscreen that occured the day before we left, had developed into a 10 cm crack on that trip so we had the windscreen replaced before leaving on this trip. Murphy’s law saw a road train throw up a rock that chipped the new windscreen, making a chip repair in Broome a necessity.

While the car was being serviced we wandered around Chinatown seeing some of the sights that were familiar from last year’s trip.

The Sun Picture Theatre being worthy of a few more photos.

The canvas seats evoke great memories of going to the pictures at the Sherwood Theatre in Brisbane when I was a child.

This time we were able to get a look inside this unique building as it now houses a gallery of Aboriginal art.

Another beautiful sunrise.

Plenty of majestic Black Kites around.

Magpie Larks (Peewees) aplenty.

The caravan park has no powered sites and all the infrastructure is powered by solar energy which includes a tracking solar system.

We attended the Saturday markets and picked up a few things. Erich had forgotten to pack a wide-brimmed hat so we found another one at a reasonable price plus a new sarong for him and I bought a lovely lino cut printed table runner with Aboriginal motif made by a member of a local rehab group.

Another Great Bowerbird. They have a very distinct call.

A young Butcherbird.

A Grey-crowned Babbler.

A Pied Butcherbird.

A female Red-tailed Black Cockatoo.

It certainly looks like we are set up for the duration. I’m enjoying Masterchef via the satellite dish.

We are testing out a couple of semi-flexible solar panels to supplement our rooftop and folding panels. Unfortunately, one of them is not behaving correctly but we are getting our 500 Ah of Lithium batteries 100% charged by early afternoon so are able to use the surplus power to run our hot water system off the inverter along with an electric drinking water heater, coffee machine and milk frother, toaster and this trip I even brought along the electric sandwich toaster which makes a nice change from ordinary sandwiches. Oh, and don’t forget my hairdryer.

But enough of our high-tech glamping. Back to the birds. A Yellow-tinted Honeyeater.

I first identified this as a Restless Flycatcher but my Pizzey & Knight bird app tells me that, in this area, it is a Paperbark Flycatcher.

A Brown Honeyeater.

A Singing Honeyeater.

Last night, Erich had a bit more fun with his camera photographing the stars. The first photo is using the long exposure setting and the second is just a normal photo both taken from the same spot with a tripod.

In this photo, you can actually see the Southern Cross very high up in the sky slightly more than half way across the photo.

icon-envelope-tick-round-orange_184x116-v1.png Virus-free.
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5 Responses to Days 13 – 21 – Broome

  1. Kay says:

    Love the blog as usual. Are there any of your electrical appliances still at home? Sure would love to take you “tenting”. Enjoy the cruise & certainly waiting for the photos.

  2. Jill and David Joicey says:

    Hi Lesley and Erich, looks like you are enjoying your trip ,we are enjoying the blog and photos..David heard from a friend today (Geoff Cunninton he was in the RAN ) any how Geoffs brother Chris and his wife Donna are doing the cruise you are we just aren’t sure if it’s the shames dates ..So if you find yourself with people of those names that’s who they are we do know them also xxxxxxhave a great time and we look forward to hearing about it xx

  3. swisslulu says:

    Thanks. Will keep an eye out for them. Our chess game will have to wait till we get back, David. I’m not rushing this one.

  4. Jill and David Joicey says:

    Yes take your time ..he is a afraid 😄

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