Roebuck Bay foreshore

Last year when we were in Broome, we drove out to the bird observatory on Roebuck Bay. It is a 15km drive along a dirt road to the observatory. On the way back we stopped somewhere along the track to go to the bay. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and went back for an other look one early morning. The rock formations and the birds made for a spectacular sight.

No wonder I decided to go for another early morning drive to Roebuck Bay on this trip. But things are never the same – this time I saw only a few birds. All the same I enjoyed my early morning stroll on the foreshore – nobody else in sight.

I arrived before sunrise and parked high above the shore.

I love the rocky outcrops and the rocky islands just off shore.

The coloured rocks along the foreshore are just amazing. The pelicans in the background were just too far away to get a decent picture, but I think they add to this photo of the rocks.

Apart from the pelicans, the only birds I saw were Silver Gulls and the Western Reef Herons – the herons certainly being more entertaining than the gulls.

But the rock formation really made my trip worthwhile

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