Day 22 – Broome

22nd June, 2016.

The day before the start of our Kimberley Cruise saw us up and about packing up the van prior to moving it to a storage site at Broome’s Gateway for the duration of our 9 day cruise. Tonight we stay in comparative luxury at the Cable Beach Club Resort which was included as part of our tour package booked through Kimberley Cruises.

Final checks of our luggage and we were off into town. As check-in was not till 3pm, we decided to have lunch at Town Beach Cafe which has wonderful beach views.

As we still had time to kill after lunch, we got our chairs out of the car and sat in the grassy park people watching. Town Beach is the location in Broome to see the Staircase to the Moon phenomenon which occurs over 3 nights around the full moon between March and October, with the moon rising over the mud flats to create the effect of a staircase leading to the moon. As we were in Broome last year for the event, we did not bother to see it again this year.

As there was a large cruise liner berthed at the Port, we decided to drive out there for closer look. The beach there has some stunning rock formations.

On checking in to the Resort, we were informed that we were being upgraded from a Garden View room to an Ocean View room. Thank you very much!!

Our room.

The Indian Ocean is out there.

Sunset photos at Cable Beach are a must.

There are lots of dining options at Cable Beach but I had a craving for Chinese so we decided on a very modest cafe in Chinatown where we had the best Mongolian Lamb ever then picked up some bubbly to enjoy back at the Resort.

Exciting times ahead!!

icon-envelope-tick-round-orange_184x116-v1.png Virus-free.
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