Day 26 – Odyssey Expeditions Kimberley Cruise Day 4

26th June, 2016.

Another beautiful start to the day.

Today’s schedule. We loved Bob’s illustrations each day. We really did see a Hammerhead Shark too.

Heading to our fishing grounds.

Today was Faye’s birthday and, as she is a keen fisherwoman, she and partner Robert went off in one of the tinnies in search of Barramundi. The other tinnie took two other passengers into the mangrove creeks also in search of Barra. The rest of us were on Homer fishing with handlines.

Handlines and gloves all prepared for us.

Bob was our Skipper on Homer today.

Can you feel the excitement? Hmm, maybe not.

A quick demo from Bob on the finer arts of handline fishing.

This is serious business.

One of the locals came to check us out.

Success!! Jason with a good size finger mark Bream. We got a good haul of fish, mainly the finger mark Bream, but had to throw a lot back that were under size. Faye and Robert each caught a good size Barramundi as did one of the guys on the other tinnie.

Sinister looking!

Don’t want to mess with those teeth.

After lunch we headed to Sapphire Pool, a freshwater swimming hole. The walk was fairly strenuous climbing over rocks and for my (non)fitness level, it was a 4/5. But the reward at the end was lovely, just a shame we had to walk back the way we came!

Faithful Homer awaiting our return.

I could laugh now – almost back at Homer.

Another lovely sunset.

icon-envelope-tick-round-orange_184x116-v1.png Virus-free.
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