Day 27 – Odyssey Expeditions Kimberley Cruise Day 5

27th June, 2016.

More of the same but it doesn’t get boring!

Raising the anchor. The crew is meticulous about cleaning the anchor chains each time the anchor is raised.

Another beautiful day in paradise.

Even the whales are up and about.

In the distance we could see HMAS Leeuwin, a survey vessel that also is used for border protection.

Some of the passengers recharging their batteries for another fun day.

Homer is ready to go.

Last night’s anchorage.

HMAS Leeuwin again.

Approaching Slate Island.

Crested Tern.

I finally got a keeper.

A good haul for the morning.

Another charter vessel, the Eco Abrolhos, on her first season in the Kimberley.

Back on board Odyssey, Matt and Dylan fillet the catch.

While Bob and Paige skin the fillets.

The rock formations on Slate Island were amazing.

Disembarking for our beach swim.

Because this is croc and shark territory, we can only swim on one side of Homer while a crew member keeps watch. The crew is very careful to only choose beaches that are not often frequented by other boats because the crocs get to know the routines.

After lunch we set off for a swim at Butterfly Gorge. This was the easiest of the waterhole walks but still presented a few challenges.

Looking back down the gorge to where Homer is moored.

Finally at our croc free pool.

There is Aboriginal art under an overhanging cliff above the swimming hole. While I swam, Erich took these photos.

He just had time for a quick dip before we headed back to Homer.

Fortunately the pool was quite deep at this point.

Dylan and Paige had gone ahead of us in the tinnie to check out the gorge and then raced us back to Odyssey.

Motoring on to our next anchorage, we passed a Paspaley pearling farm camp. This was the first cultured pearl farm in Australia and kept top secret for many years. Markers in the water delineate the pearling grounds. Paspaley produces 80% of the world’s cultured pearls.

Another glorious end to a great day on the Kimberley Coast.

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1 Response to Day 27 – Odyssey Expeditions Kimberley Cruise Day 5

  1. Tracy says:

    I don’t think I’d be able to swim in the water while people watched for sharks and crocs 😳

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