Day 28 – Odyssey Expeditions Kimberley Cruise Day 6

28th June, 2016.

Another full day ahead.

Another pristine beach.

One of our fellow passengers was a little unsteady on his feet and needed some assistance to get back to firm land.

While I was enjoying my dip, Erich wandered off taking photos.

A turtle’s track making its way to the water.

Dingo tracks.

Views on the other side of the dune.

An Osprey. We were to see a number of Osprey nests on our cruise.

Coral Expeditions 1, formerly the Coral Princess, the vessel that first inspired Erich to do this trip after a Swiss colleague told him about his adventure whilst we were still living in Switzerland.

After lunch was the opportunity to visit a Bradshaw Aboriginal Art site however, as it was an almost vertical climb to see the paintings located under an overhanging rock, we opted to remain on Homer. Learn more about this rock art style at

With everyone safe back on board Homer, we motored further up the Prince Regent River to Kings Cascade. Odyssey’s size allows her to nose right up to the rock.

At the top of Kings Cascade is another freshwater swimming hole but once again it was an almost vertical climb so we opted to travel further up river to see Amphitheatre Falls.

As always there was interesting scenery along the way.

It was a tight squeeze along the creek and past that large rock but Matt’s manoeuvring skills soon had us in the central pool.

This gnarled tree made a good subject.

By the time we were back in the main river, it was getting quite late but the light was beautiful.

Those who had chosen to make the climb and swim were waiting patiently for us to pick them up, out of reach of the lurking crocs.

Sunset nicely framed.

icon-envelope-tick-round-orange_184x116-v1.png Virus-free.
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