Day 29 – Odyssey Expeditions Kimberley Cruise Day 7

29th June, 2016.



It certainly was an amazing sunrise, in part due to smoke over the area.

More stunning coastline.

First stop today was the site of the Mermaid Boab Tree in Careening Bay.

The boab tree in the distance.

During his 1820 survey of the Kimberley Coast, Philip Parker King was forced to make repairs to his ship, Mermaid, at this spot. His crew recorded the event by carving the name of the ship and the year into a large boab tree near the beach. It’s incredible to think it is almost 200 years since this event and, although difficult to photograph, the carving is still legible. Parker King’s charts are still in use today.

Not only interesting scenery but lovely flora.

Crew member, Paige, is always on the lookout for interesting coral and shells. She found this lovely string of coral on the beach.

Time for more fishing.

Another reasonable haul.

Time for lunch. The various sourdough loaves that Liam made on the cruise were fantastic!

After lunch, we continued on our way to Prince Frederick Harbour.

It was all hands involved in making the bonfire.

Almost ready for drinks and nibbles at sunset.

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