Day 30 – Odyssey Expeditions Kimberley Cruise Day 8

30th June, 2016.

It was an early start to catch the high tide to allow us to get to this freshwater swimming hole. It was certainly the easiest waterhole walk of all. The water was not very deep but very clear and cool.

There was a croc lurking around Homer.

A Brahminy Kite soaring overhead.

And another croc in the water.

Evidence of his entry into the water.

Matt was casting into the mangroves and caught this beautiful Barramundi.

We were beginning to see more crocs here.

This beautiful vessel belongs to Angela Bennett, a mining billionaire and the second richest woman in Australia after Gina Rinehart. It made Odyssey look like a bath toy.

Next stop was at a Wandjina Aboriginal Art site. The paintings are on the ceiling of a very low overhanging rock.

To view the paintings, we had to lie on our backs on a tarp under the rock.

Matt took the opportunity to do some bait fishing with a cast net. It was amazing how many small mullet there were so close to shore.

A small octopus swam right onto the beach so we had a closer look before returning him to the water.

There was an Osprey on its nest on top of the rocks close to Homer.

And then there were two.

But they were disturbed by our presence.

More beautiful rock formations.

Back on Odyssey, it was time to return one of the tinnies to its perch on the roof.

We opted out of the afternoon’s fishing expedition which apparently was quite exciting. Lots of small reef sharks were being caught and there was some fancy footwork needed when Theresa landed one of hers in Homer. A pity we missed the action.

Matt and Bob fillet the latest catch.

No, that’s not a flying fish. Just the carcass being returned to the deep.

Time to enjoy more of the stunning scenery.

A visit from a tawny nurse shark.

Another Brahminy Kite.

And a twilight cruise on Homer for our last evening.

Our anchorage top centre.

Back on board Odyssey preparing for our farewell dinner.

Yum, more fish!!

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