Day 31 – Odyssey Expeditions Kimberley Cruise Day 9

1st July, 2016.

It’s with mixed feelings that we greet the day. On the one hand, our last day aboard Odyssey but on the other hand an exciting day ahead with a helicopter flight over Mitchell Falls landing at Mitchell Plateau and a light plane flight from there to Broome over most of our sea route so far.

An early visitor to farewell us.

Today’s Itinerary.

We were up early to pack up our gear and vacate our cabins so that Paige could get them prepared for the incoming passengers who would arrive on our departure helicopters in groups of 4 throughout the day.

Of course, Erich couldn’t resist the morning light.

To fill in time, Matt took us for a tour in Homer to explore some of the local waterways. But first we were calling at the beach where we had our bonfire previously to search for Rob’s sunglasses which he left behind. It was a very quick find and we were underway again.

More stunning scenery.

This fellow is not bothered by the leaf.

Perhaps another Osprey nest.

Sooty Oystercatchers.

The first groups leave Odyssey heading to the helicopters on the beach.

Changeover of passengers via the helicopters.

And finally it was our turn to say goodbye to Odyssey.

Here comes our ride.

It was a 20 minute flight to Mitchell Plateau.

Over Mitchell Falls.

Mitchell Plateau air field – very basic!

The 2 hour flight back to Broome was quite spectacular. Our pilot had hoped to fly at 6000 feet but it was too bumpy so we climbed to 8000 feet for most of the flight. Unfortunately, the position of the sun was not favourable on my side of the plane but we still took plenty of photos.

I love this one – it looks like a tree.

Montgomery Reef – unfortunately I was on the western side of the plane so this was the best I could do.

This is a turf farm located next to Broome’s Gateway Caravan Park. The turf is harvested in a circular pattern.

Descending on our approach to Broome. The dirt road you see running along the foreshore of Roebuck Bay, leads to the Bird Observatory. Erich took this road for his early morning photography on Roebuck Bay Foreshore.


And all too soon our adventure was over. What a wonderful experience it was – memories for a lifetime made possible by a great crew.

Thanks to Matt, Dylan, Bob, Liam and Paige.

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