Days 32-34 – Broome’s Gateway

2nd – 4th July, 2016.

After disembarking from our plane in Broome where we were collected by minibus and taken to Odyssey Expeditions secure yard where our vehicle had been stored for the duration of the cruise, we made it back to Broome’s Gateway at 5.45pm just as the light was going. We quickly hitched up the van and moved it from its storage site onto a normal site for the next few days.

Saturday was election day but we had already voted before we left on the cruise. Still we were interested to find out the results so set up the satellite dish.

A quick trip in to Broome to collect Erich’s now repaired glasses and do some badly needed grocery shopping was as about as exciting as it got over the weekend. Clothes washing was the other chore to be completed before we left on Monday morning.

Just a few photos over these days.

Early Saturday morning before Erich set up the satellite dish.

A beautiful sunset.

A Grey-Crowned Babbler.

A Nankeen Kestrel.

We have never seen so many pairs of Rainbow Bee-eaters in one tree before.

icon-envelope-tick-round-orange_184x116-v1.png Virus-free.
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