Days 34-40 – 80 Mile Beach

4th – 10th July, 2016.

Originally we had thought of staying at Barn Hill Station after leaving Broome’s Gateway, however School Holidays put paid to that idea. Apparently the unpowered area at Barn Hill is huge. Nevertheless it was completely booked out. So we continued on to 80 Mile Beach Caravan Park where all the powered sites were booked out but they still had unpowered sites available. Initially we booked for two nights while we decided on our route to Karijini National Park.

As we had a nice spacious site with water we decided to extend our stay to a week.

One reason to come to 80 Mile Beach was so that Erich could photograph the Vietnam War Memorial for the Monument Australia website.

There was another plaque outside the office of the caravan park dedicated to the memory of the crews of 24 pearling vessels sunk as the result of a cyclone in April 1887. Because the memorial was commissioned by descendants of those lost, it is not deemed appropriate for the website.

80 Mile Beach is a pleasant enough spot but if you aren’t set up to fish there is not a lot to do. Still I used the time to catch up on the blog of the cruise and Erich did what he does best – take photographs.

The tide goes out a very long way and leaves interesting patterns in the sand.

Shell collecting is a major activity and it is many years since I have seen so many shells on a beach.

The crested pigeons were so tame they were wandering around under our chairs where we sat.

Beach driving is another popular activity which also leaves interesting patterns in the sand.

An immature Silver Gull.

Lots of Masked Lapwings.

A strange trail.

We saw quite a few of these. They look a bit like Aboriginal fish traps but they seem to be a sponge.

A Gull-billed Tern.

Caspian Tern.

Pied Oystercatcher.

Only its mother could love that face!

One has to hunt for an intact shell.

More lovely sunsets.

And sunrises.

A Red-capped Plover.

A Pied Oystercatcher.

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