Days 41-43 – Indee Station Stay

11th – 13th July, 2016.

Our week at 80 Mile Beach was at an end so we headed off to Port Hedland to replenish supplies before heading south east to Indee Station.

As we planned to stay for 3 nights, we were tucked up in a corner out of the way of the daily coming and going campers. It is a surprisingly busy station stay.

Our van is at the bottom right of the picture, next to the gate leading out to Red Rock.

Erich tried out another star trail photo on our first night.

One of the reasons for choosing to stay at Indee Station was to photograph a memorial for the Memorial Australia website. The memorial was relocated to the area of Red Rock from its original placement due to mining activities in the original area.

Red Rock is located approximately 10 kilometres from the camp ground and is quite an interesting feature in its own right with Aboriginal etchings in parts of the rock.

There is an etching of a fish in this shallow cave but it is difficult to make it out in the photo due to the multi colours in the rock.

The rock reminded us of the granite rocks at which we had previously camped further south and it was just asking to be climbed. As usual, there was a cairn of rocks to which we had to add our contribution.

The views were terrific but it was very windy at the top.

Back at camp, a few of the locals kept us company.

This is an ore train passing in the distance – too many carriages to fit the whole thing in the photo.

The following are some of Erich’s impressions from around the property.

A Yellow-throated Miner.

A beautiful capture.

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