Day 46 – Karijini National Park Day 2

16th July, 2016.

We packed lunch and set off on the approximately 110km drive to Hamersley Gorge.

The rock formations pictured below were very common along Karijini Drive and I had tried to photograph them from the car yesterday but shadows were falling across them. This morning was a good opportunity for a shadow free photo.

We turned off the bitumen just past Mt Bruce and headed along reasonable dirt roads for around 55kms. Around a week before we got to Karijini there had been substantial rain and many of the dirt roads were closed. This was still evident as we drove along and there were occasional wet areas covering three quarters of the width of the road.

However we were well rewarded for our effort as Hamersley Gorge is very different from the gorges in other areas of Karijini.

The view down into the gorge from the lookout.

The climb down into the gorge was a bit of a challenge but it was well worth the effort. It was a cool day and no one was tempted to swim in the very cold water.

There were lots of these little fish in the pool.

Back up at car park level, we noticed that there was a lookout at the top of the hill above us. After eating our lunch, Erich ventured up there to photograph the view which gave a better idea of geography of the gorge.

Back at camp, relaxing before dinner.

One of the local Pied Butcherbirds perched on top of a very large termite mound.

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3 Responses to Day 46 – Karijini National Park Day 2

  1. Kay says:

    We thought Hammersley had the nicest colours of all the gorges

  2. Jill and David Joicey says:

    What an amazing place ..thanks for taking us we are loving your blog .hope you are both well .
    I’m booked in for a total shoulder replacement on Aug 16th 😢

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