Day 47 – Karijini National Park Day 3

17th July, 2016.

Today we decided to explore more of the gorges on the other side of the National Park but first Erich went for an early walk to try to capture Circular Pool in good light. Unfortunately the shadows were not kind.

Lots of crested pigeons around.

Female Red-capped Robin.

It was a fairly rough dirt road to the turn off to Kalamina Gorge.

Hmm, do I really want to go down there?

Well having come this far, the only way for a good view was to make the climb down. We were rewarded with this very pretty little waterfall.

Just to prove I did it!

Next stop was Knox Gorge where the lookout was an easy stroll from the parking area.

We could hear people walking down in the bottom of the gorge.

These termites were very busy.

And look at the size of their creation.

Just a short drive to Joffre Gorge and another steep climb down rock steps to the lookout.

Not sure if these hardy souls actually went for a swim. It would have been freezing.

The few kilometres of dirt road to the Karijini Eco retreat turnoff were good but from there the ten kilometres to the Weano Recreation Area were very rough.

It was an easy walk to the lookout at Oxer Gorge.

This was a sad and sobering memorial to an SES Volunteer who lost his life in this gorge while attempting a rescue of an injured visitor. The pool below this point has been named after him.

It was just a short walk to the lookout at the junction of the four gorges.

Looking straight down.

It was extremely difficult to photograph the landscape. Even this panorama only captures a fraction of the vista.

Back at camp, Erich took a nice shot of a male Rufous Whistler.

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