Day 49 – Karijini National Park Day 5

19th July, 2016.

Our last day in Karijini and it was a lovely day.

Erich’s morning walk.

And finally a great shot of Circular Pool with no shadows.

We decided today would be the day to do the Dales Gorge Rim walk and to tackle the 281 steps down to Fortescue Falls and then to Fern Pool. This is the information board from the Circular Pool end of the rim walk but we started at the opposite end.

Looking down on Fortescue Falls with the steps at bottom right.

Looking across the Gorge.

The following photographs were taken on our descent down to the pool.

Some of the 281 steps.

Once down at the bottom of the stairs there are lots of places to sit and enjoy the view. From there is the path to Fern Pool. It looked quite muddy so I opted to sit and watch the gorge walkers coming to the end of their walk and clambering up the rocks beside the pool to get to the bottom of the stairs. Erich was gamer than I and was rewarded for his efforts.

Maiden Hair Fern which obviously contributed to the naming of the pool.

Wonderful root system of a Fig Tree.

Fern Pool.

Finally made it back to the top and after a rest and some water we set off on the rim walk.

Looking for native bees but none to be seen.

Erich is holding tight to the railing as there is a vertical drop to the gorge floor beneath his feet.

The end of the walk at Circular Pool again. From here we walked along the road back to where the car was parked which was shorter than retracing our steps along the gorge rim.

Western Bowerbird.

Australian Ringneck or Port Lincoln Parrot.

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