Day 51 – Lake Nallan

21st-22nd July, 2016.

We had heard about Lake Nallan from friends who had camped there around 6 weeks earlier. At that time there was no water in the lake but they enjoyed their stay nevertheless. Luckily for us there had been some decent rain in the meantime so there was some water to attract a nice variety of birds.

There was no one else there when we arrived so we had our pick of the camping spots. Up on the rubble dam wall seemed to be the best spot for bird watching on the water.

It was overcast and windy but still there was a great variety of birds.

There was a large flock of Pink-eared Ducks.

A single White-necked Heron.

A Black Swan – there were two.

Lots of other birds on the first day but the light was not very good. Fortunately the next morning was clear and sunny; much better for bird photography.

Unfortunately the swans had left but the Heron was still there.

A Pied Butcherbird.

A Black-fronted Dotterel.

A Red-capped Plover.

Wild flowers are beginning to appear.

There is a Geocache in the area and our search for it lead us to an area that we would not otherwise have found. This seems to have been a railway bridge at one time but we have been unable to find out any more information about it. The cache was secreted here.

Erich signing the log book.

It was a really beautiful area and quite different from the landscape around the lake.

Plenty of sun for our solar panels.

A fly over by the Pink-eared Ducks.

And the White-necked Heron.

A pair of Australian Shelducks.

Apologies for the quality of some of the photos, namely those taken by me with my camera! There seems to be a problem with blurring around the edges of my photos which I will have to investigate. Erich’s photos are, as usual, beautiful.

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5 Responses to Day 51 – Lake Nallan

  1. Marty says:

    Stunning photos…! Great blog. Will be following you with interest.



  2. Jill and David Joicey says:

    All your photos are fabulous ..appears you are enjoying your trip .hope you are both well .
    It’s Jill having the ops (the one looking for the attention)

  3. I have caught up on all your posts of late, I am now back home from our trip to Queensland, I now need to find the time to get my blog up to date

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