Day 54 – Walga Rock & Big Bell Ghost town

24th July, 2016.

There is quite a bit to see in the area around Cue with Walga (known as Walgahna to the Indigenous people) Rock and Big Bell township being among the more notable.

Our first stop was the ghost town of Big Bell. Very little remains of the town which was abandoned in the mid 1950s when the local mine closed.

The most substantial structure still standing is the old pub building. The art deco design is still obvious.

Various churches seem to have been more solidly built than any dwellings as they are the only other structures remaining.

Amazing ingenuity of the pioneers – the Cross in the Church is made of star pickets and pipes.

The water tower still seems to be in good repair and there was a cache located nearby.

Next stop was Walga Rock which is located on private property but with public access allowed. The rock is claimed to be the second largest monolith in Australia. Its gallery of Aboriginal rock art a drawcard for visitors.

It was difficult to get decent photos of the artworks but we did our best. This depiction of what appears to be a 3 masted sailing ship is quite controversial. More information about the rock and the paintings can be found here.

The wildflowers will be stunning in a week or two.

The search for the Geocache here meant quite a climb, at times fairly steep. I gave up halfway and appointed myself photographer. When Erich retrieved the cache there was no pencil or pen to record the find. Guess who had our pen? So a laborious walk back down to get the pen from me and back up to the cache again. When he opened the log notebook, there was a pencil inside!

While I waited for Erich to descend, I took a couple of panorama shots from my position.

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2 Responses to Day 54 – Walga Rock & Big Bell Ghost town

  1. larryzb says:

    Very intriguing pictures. Great photo series. Thanks for sharing these images.

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