Days 53-56 – Cue and surrounds

23rd-26th July, 2016.

We had only a very short drive of 20kms from Lake Nallan to our next stop at the town of Cue. We had heard great reports about this Council owned park and it did not disappoint with some of the best amenities we have seen and only $20 per night for a powered site.

There are some beautiful old buildings in the town; some in good repair and others crumbling, together with a few quirky ones. It is such a pity to see these iconic outback towns literally dying before one’s eyes. As we arrived on a Saturday and I needed a capsicum for our dinner, we quickly walked down the main street to the grocery store only to find it, and the attached Post Office, closed from that day and moving to the roadhouse down the road. They were removing stock as we stood outside. Needless to say our fried rice had no capsicum this time.

This is the old building where the store used to be.

The B&B next door, though still open, had a very neglected air about it.

The beautiful original Police Station, still in use, and former Court House. At the far right, a tarp can be seen covering part of what must have been storm damage to the roof. On the day we left Cue, we were pleased to see repair work being done to the roof.

More old storefronts.

What appears to be the only viable business in town, the pub. We had dinner there one night and it was very busy with fires blazing in both the bar and dining room. The food was good but quite expensive for a pub meal.

One of the more unusual buildings is the former Masonic Lodge building, now privately owned, constructed almost entirely from corrugated iron.

The front of the Lodge.

Closeup of the construction.

Obviously some repairs carried out to the rear of the building.

The old goal stands in the grounds of the Caravan Park and at one time served as the ablution block for the park. The current amenities are a vast improvement. It is pleasing to see that some restoration work, albeit slow, is underway.

Placed at various spots around the town are a number of these silhouettes depicting past history.

There are two Geocaches close to town that warranted a visit. The first was about 2km north of town in a very picturesque setting close to the highway. The cache was a fairly easy find.

Looking west from Ground Zero (GZ in caching parlance).

Erich retrieving the log book.

The wildflowers were beginning to make a lovely show.

A great shot of a Whistling Kite.

The second cache was secreted at the lookout over the town. The caravan park can be seen at centre right. The buildings that can be seen at centre left were transported from the now ghost town of Big Bell, west of Cue, and are being restored as cabin accommodation for the caravan park.

This cache was a bit more of a challenge to find – so many piles of rocks.

And more wildflowers.

As usual Erich was on the lookout for monuments that needed photographing for the Monument Australia website. One of those monuments in Cue is the Italian Miners’ monument which is located in the Cue cemetery.

Some other interesting headstones.

Nearby the cemetery is the administration building for the Fingal Mine, in remarkable condition considering it was abandoned in 1921.

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