Day 59 – Mullewa

29th July, 2016.

Today’s mission was to locate the unique Wreath Flower. The Visitor Centre in Mullewa had given us directions to their location north of Pindar, an abandoned town some 30kms west of Mullewa.

Before we got to the wreath flowers we found other pretty wildflowers beside the road.

Then we were rewarded with our first Wreath Flowers. Not yet in full bloom but lovely all the same.

There was a Geocache at this location and we spent quite some time trying to find it without much success. Reading back through the logs, we found that the cache was no longer in its original location though still within error of the original location. Erich had had enough by then but I had a bit more of a look around and, sure enough, one particular pile of rocks just did not look quite natural.

Around a bend and suddenly there were hundreds of Wreath Flowers. Not all in bloom yet though.

A closeup of the individual blooms on a Wreath Flower.

I wish I could name the different wildflowers.

Leaving the Wreath Flower area, we realised there was a cache in the abandoned town. It was a quick find for Erich.

A pair of Black-faced Woodswallows keeping an eye on us.

On the drive back to Mullewa, we stopped at an old railway crossing for another cache.

A panorama taken from the Mullewa Lookout.

And another Geocache.

And we found 3 more caches for the day. These tiny magnetic containers provide a challenge to rewind the log paper tight enough to fit back inside.

The last cache we found was at the Butterabby Graves site where the graves of four Aboriginal men and their victim lie. Erich took this photograph to send to the Monument Australia website.

Another tiny magnetic cache.

The shelter has been very cleverly designed to show the images of the four Aboriginals and their victim in the roof of the structure.

One of the graves.

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  1. Jill and David Joicey says:

    Glorious hope you are well x

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