Day 61 – Mullewa Wildflower Trail

31st July, 2016.

The day started out nice and sunny with a gentle breeze, perfect for doing the washing, or so I, and a number of other people at the caravan thought. Within an hour, the rains came along with very blustery winds. Fortunately, we had our awning out so I was able to hang the damp clothes under it.

The rain cleared somewhat in the afternoon though the wind was still very strong and with nothing better to do, we opted to walk the 2.8km wildflower trail starting opposite the caravan park.

I won’t be able to name all of the flowers that we saw but with the help of some interpretive boards along the walk, we were able to identify some.

Spoon lipped rufous Greenhood. This is actually an orchid, rarely growing higher than 20cm and because of its green colour, is quite difficult to spot.

Spider orchids. These are also quite tiny and a challenge to spot.

One of the Eremophilas, I think.

While the close-ups show the beautiful detail of the individual flowers, they don’t show the stunning effect of the swathes of wildflowers, mostly everlastings.

From one of the highest points on the walk, we had a view across to the railway line and one of the long trains used to haul grain to the port at Geraldton.

A cave located not far off the walking track.

Just one of the many varieties of Wattle, Australia’s national flower.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable walk being able to see some of the tiny orchids and other unusual wildflowers close up and to learn about some of the history of agriculture in the region.

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2 Responses to Day 61 – Mullewa Wildflower Trail

  1. Kay says:

    I am going to change the name that I was told for that tiny green orchid. Woman at Perenjori said it was a Snail orchid because of the “ears” but if you saw a sign then shall go with that. Trina & I did that walk a few times but July was a tad too early for many to be out.

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