Day 63 – Mullewa Last Impressions

2nd August, 2016.

There was not much left for us to see around Mullewa but Erich photographed a few of the buildings and then we went for another drive out to have a look at the Wreath Flowers north of Pindar to see if more were flowering since our last visit.

On his return from his morning walk, Erich found an Art Drive Mid West entry at the entrance to the caravan park.

Back at Pindar, we found some more of the Wreath Flowers were beginning to bloom but we found that those that had already been in bloom the previous week were now showing signs of some blossoms dying off. We were pleased that we had been able to photograph them previously.

Some of the flowers beginning to die off.

We had been in touch with friends and fellow RV Homebase residents, Bev and Frans, who were camped not far away and arranged to meet them the next day at Coalseam Conservation Park to camp together for a few days and see the wildflowers. Bev and Frans are keen Geocachers and have placed a trail of caches in the forest along the Cooloola Coast Road not far from where we live. The theme of the trail is “bones” and I knew that Bev was hoping to expand the number of caches and was on the lookout for more suitable bones. When we found a Geocache the previous week, there was a partial skeleton of a fair sized animal, possibly a goat, nearby, so we stopped there on the way back to Mullewa to collect those bits that we thought would be suitable for Bev. It was a little bit gruesome but we knew we could hand them over the next day.

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