Day 69 – The Pinnacles

8th August, 2016.

During our stay at Lake Indoon we decided to make a day trip south to The Pinnacles which Erich last visited with his father in the early 1980s. It is quite a stunning natural phenomenon formed by limestone from seashells in an earlier era that was rich in marine life. How the weathering that formed the pillars occurred is subject to debate. Nevertheless, it is an amazing site.

When Erich first visited, there was no formal route through the area but these days it is strictly controlled where vehicles can venture. It is a very sandy and, at times, narrow track winding between and around the structures. With rain threatening, we were fortunate to have sunshine for most of the drive. We visited the interpretive centre at the end of the circuit and spent some time looking at the exhibits. When we came outside again it was pouring with rain.

From the higher points on the drive we could see the waves breaking along the coastline.

This plant was growing outside the interpretive centre.

Next stop was at Lake Thetus close to Cervantes for a short walk to the lake to see Stromatolites.

We drove a little further along a sandy track to a lookout high on the sand dune giving great views along the coastline.

We had heard good reports about the Lobster Shack in Cervantes and decided to try it out for lunch. Judging by the reserved tables for tour groups, this is a popular stop for mostly Asian tourists. We found the lobster very fresh but lacking in taste and extremely expensive.

Leaving Cervantes we stopped to find a Geocache.

And to photograph this interesting wind vane depicting the Dutch involvement in the 1600s along the WA coast.

We had a quick stop in Green Head to photograph a war memorial before back to camp at Lake Indoon.


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