Days 67-70 – Lake Indoon

6th-9th August, 2016.

It was just a short drive from Cliff Head to Lake Indoon and we were lucky to find a good campsite to fit both rigs right above the lake shore.

Our first sighting of a Fan Tailed Cuckoo. We could hear its lovely call in the trees behind the vans but it took a while to get a clear shot to identify the bird.

We never tire of seeing Galahs.

The many grass trees had huge flower heads and the close up detail was stunning.

Close up of the flowers and the seed pods just beginning to emerge.

Covered in seed pods. Unfortunately we didn’t take any photos of the flower heads with the seed pods fully open. They were quite spectacular as well.

A Banksia flower head beginning to produce its seeds.

A Banksia flower head.

There is a huge gnarled gum tree right in the middle of the camp ground with this plaque attached which we thought was interesting.



On our last day at Lake Indoon, we went for a walk through the Lake Logue Conservation Reserve with Bev and Frans looking for spider orchids. Fortunately for us, Bev and Frans knew what to look for. Even though these close ups make the flowers look large, they are in fact fairly small and often hidden amongst other foliage.

Pretty Cats Paws which are similar to Kangaroo Paws but much smaller.


One of the many varieties of Pea Flower, mostly poisonous and said to be the originators of the 1080 poison used so extensively to control feral animals but today is synthesised.

A Donkey Orchid, so called because of its large “ears”.

Smoke Bush.

More Cats Paws.

Claw Flower.

One of the hundreds of Wattle plants.



Dryandra (Banksia).

Purple Tassels.

This was a great introduction into searching for the elusive wild orchids for which Western Australia is famous and would greatly help us to find more of these special flowers in the coming days.

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1 Response to Days 67-70 – Lake Indoon

  1. Kay says:

    If my memory is correct from 2010 that is called an Icecream Banksia but happy to be corrected. Glad you found some of those elusive tiny orchids. Bruce had the sharpest eye when we wee with the CCs looking for them.

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