Day 76 – Northampton WA

15th August, 2016.

We said our farewells to Bev and Frans again as they were moving on to follow the wildflowers while we were finally heading to Geraldton to collect my long awaited glasses.

For our last evening together we cooked on the campfire.

Geraldton now offers a great free overnight stop with room for big rigs plus a dump point and water top up, all just a short walk for the centre of town. We had no intention of staying overnight but it was a convenient place for us to park with the van and just a few minutes walk to OPSM. All went according to plan and they had even found a replacement wing for my old glasses; not a perfect match but good enough for a spare pair. Walking back to the van we decided to pick up something for lunch from the bakery as we would not get to Kalbarri until after lunchtime.

A convenient lunch stop was the pretty town of Northampton, located at the turn we were to take to Kalbarri. This town also provides good parking for caravans and motorhomes together with a dump point. We had a walk around town photographing some of the interesting buildings.

This stone wall is at the front of the church.

A very impressive structure for such a small town and surprisingly it is another design of Monsignor John Hawes.

Next door is the equally impressive Convent building.

This beautiful flower took our eye. At the time we had no idea what it was but we were to see many more of them in the coming days – Murchison Darwinia aka Murchison Rose.

The back of the Visitor Information Centre.

We spotted this Laughing Dove perched close to the footpath. It is an introduced bird found only in Australia in the south-west corner of Western Australia and a first sighting for us.

We ate our lunch in the lovely little park adjacent to the caravan parking area but, unfortunately, no photo. Then we were on our way to Kalbarri.

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