Days 71 & 72 – Three Springs

10th & 11th August, 2016.

We parted company with Bev and Frans as they were going to Dongara to have their vehicle serviced and, as we were still waiting for my new glasses to arrive in Geraldton, we headed further inland through Eneabba to the small town of Carnamah where there were monuments to be explored before camping for a couple of nights at an even smaller town, Three Springs.

Our first stop was outside Eneabba where there was a monument Erich wanted to photograph and there was a cache there. Nothing very memorable but the cache was an easy find.

In Carnamah, while I was stocking up on a few groceries at the surprisingly good supermarket, Erich was out with his camera.

There were some very good murals on a few of the buildings.

It was a pleasant drive to Three Springs where the Council provides a free camping area for 72 hours next to the sports grounds. The Visitor Centre was closed when we arrived but due to reopen in 15 minutes which gave us time to explore part of the town heritage walk across the road.

A beautiful Grevillea.

Geraldton Wax.

Silos at the still functioning railway station.

Murals depicting the local wildflowers adorned the railway station buildings.

The volunteer at the Visitor Centre told us the best chance of finding wildflowers was at the Dookanooka Nature Reserve some 20kms east of Three Springs so we set off the next day to see what we could find. The further back we walked in the nature reserve, the more wildflowers we found.

Blue Beard Orchid.


Donkey Orchid.

Purple Tassels.

We were very happy to have seen so many lovely wildflowers on this walk.

I had been advised that my glasses had arrived in Geraldton and also had a message from Bev and Frans to say they were planning to camp at Ellendale Pool, which had been in our plans a couple of weeks ago but abandoned due to expected rain. Our plans now were to drive to Dongara for a quick look at a monument and then travel to Ellendale Pool via Greenough to camp once again with Bev and Frans and to drive in to Geraldton on Saturday to collect my glasses and catch up with friends from Switzerland who happened to be in Geraldton at the time.

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