Days 73-75 – Ellendale Pool

12th August, 2016.

It was a pretty drive from Three Springs north to Mingenew and then we were once again on roads already travelled until we got to Dongara. The monument that Erich wanted to photograph was easily found right in the centre of town.

We were soon on our way north planning to stop in the historic town of Greenough where we found more entries in the Art Drive Mid West competition.

The historic town is now heritage listed and managed by the National Trust.

The old School House.

The Police Station and Gaol.

The Courthouse.

The Anglican Church which is still in use today.

The Catholic Church also still in use today.

We arrived at Ellendale Pool to find Bev and Frans already set up and Bev off in search of orchids. There were another two Art Drive Mid West entries here as well.

We thought this one was particularly pretty.

Unfortunately this one had been damaged.

We found a number of Spider Orchids including a group of Crimson Spider Orchids which we had not seen before.



As well at the flora, we had fauna too.

Lots of small fish in the pool.

A Eurasian Coot in the background and a Grebe.

A Black-faced Cuckoo-Shrike.

A Collared Kingfisher.

A white-plumed Honeyeater.

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