Days 76-79 – Kalbarri Coast 2

We spent our second day in Kalbarri NP exploring the river gorges, the third day was rainy and windy all day so on our final day which was windy but fine, we decided to return to complete the coast walks. Having realised that there were Geocaches at the sites we had already been to, we went back again to see what we could find.

First we had to complete a multi- cache for which we had been collecting clues over the previous couple of days to complete the coordinates to the actual cache. The final clue was to be found at the Zuytdorp Memorial located on a small hill right on the coast. The Zuytdorp, a Dutch East India Company (VOC) vessel, was wrecked along the Kalbarri Coast in 1712 whilst on a voyage to Batavia, now known as Jakarta, Indonesia. The view from there was wonderful.

Now having the full coordinates for the cache, it was a quick find at the monument for the original Kalbarri school.

As we headed back out towards Natural Bridge, there was a cache in a small coastal creek area where castaways were put ashore as punishment for the mutiny on the Batavia, another VOC vessel.

Another cache was located at Red Bluff. This one required a bit more effort to get to but it was well worthwhile with great coastal views.

Next stop was the 3km loop walk linking Mushroom Rock and Rainbow Valley. Finding this Fringed Lily was a bonus.

As it was windy and rain was threatening, we took the precaution of wearing our rain jackets; the first time they have been used on this trip.

The first cache was one placed by friends and fellow RV Homebase residents, Liz and Bruce. We always get a little kick out of finding one of their caches. As usual, we took the more difficult route to find it!

More Fringed Lilies.

The second cache on this trail was placed by a group of Cadets out on a camping trip in Kalbarri. It was an easy find.

Back again at Pot Alley for another quick find.

Then back to Natural Bridge for another of Liz and Bruce’s caches. Whilst not a difficult find, the problem here was the number of tourists wandering around looking at us strangely as we poked about among the bushes pretending to be looking for elusive wildflowers.

Once the coast was clear, it was a quick scramble to retrieve the cache and sign the log.

We never tired of looking at these views.

There was another of Liz and Bruce’s caches near the Island lookout but there were just too many people around so we had to give up on that one.

Back into town and out along the river drive to locate another cache. It would have been nice to drive up this track but the recent heavy rain had washed away much of it. Fortunately, the cache location was able to be reached on foot.

Meanarra Hill, on the road out to the river gorges, has a lookout taking in the town and surrounding areas – and there is a cache there too.

It had been recommended to us not to miss having dinner at Finlays Fish BBQ, an iconic establishment of longstanding in Kalbarri. I’m always happy to let someone else do the cooking.

Finlays is certainly quirky and if you visit you need to take your sense of humour along. It’s BYO and find your own glass (if you can). But there was no mistaking the quality of the locally caught fish – not cheap, but good quality never is.

The whole Mulloway – cooked to perfection.

The meal was a fitting end to our stay in Kalbarri; a stunning place not to be missed when in this part of the world.

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