Day 80 – Hamelin Pool Stromatolites

19th August, 2016.

Leaving Kalbarri, we drove east towards the North West Coastal Highway which would take us north to Carnarvon from there we would head further east towards the Kennedy Ranges National Park. We had already decided not to visit Monkey Mia given that it is now so commercialised. Erich had visited there in the 1980s and was sure to have been disappointed at how it has changed. However, we did want to stop in at Hamelin Pool, at the base of Shark Bay, to have a look at the Stromatolites. We had seen a few examples of stromatolites at Lake Thetus near Cervantes but those at Hamelin Pool were said to be amazing.

These stromatolites were quite different from those at Lake Thetus which were completely submerged.

It certainly was an interesting place and worth the detour.

Back at the main highway, we made a quick stop for some lunch at the Overland Roadhouse and to look for a Geocache nearby.

We planned to overnight at Wooramel Station, about 120kms south of the Carnarvon-Mullewa Road where we would turn east to Gascoyne Junction before heading north to the Kennedy Ranges National Park. The station was surprisingly busy and all the good camping spots beside the dry riverbed were already taken so we settled for a nice grassy spot where we could remain hitched up as it was just a one night stay.

As always, there is time for a bit of birdwatching.

A Zebra Finch.

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