Days 81-83 – Kennedy Range National Park

20th-22nd August, 2016.

We headed north from Wooramel Station to the intersection where the North West Coastal Highway meets the Carnarvon to Gascoyne Junction road approximately 6km east of the coastal town of Carnarvon. There was a convenient fuel depot at this junction where we topped up and, not needing supplies, decided to see Carnarvon on the return journey.

The road across to Gascoyne Junction was a good sealed road and we saw little traffic. We stopped for fuel at the new roadhouse in GJ and a bite to eat for lunch, then, having deflated the tyres, we set out north on a good gravel road to the Kennedy Range National Park where we planned to stay for three nights.

Fortunately Temple Gorge campground was not very crowded and we found a nice level site bordered by low shrubs.

Next morning we set off before dawn to get to the sunrise viewing area some 3kms from camp. It was a narrow rocky trail up to the best vantage point so I let the better photographer have the advantage. This is not a great photo but shows how much higher Erich was than me and we had already climbed a considerable distance to where I was standing.

The moon was still up as we made the climb.

Even before sunrise, the light was beautiful on the cliffs.

Unfortunately, clear skies do not make great sunrise photos.

The sunshine on the cliffs was stunning.

We decided to do the walk in to Honeycomb Gorge on our way back to camp before the day got too hot.

This wedge tail Eagle was soaring on the thermals above us looking for breakfast.

It’s not difficult to see how the Gorge got its name.

What a spectacular sight it would be to see a waterfall here but the gorge would be inaccessible then.

A Grey-crowned Babbler flitting among the bushes.

Erich took the following photos on his early walk the next morning.

The Temple Gorge trail was just a short walk from our campsite. No prizes for guessing we opted for the easier Class 3 walk here.

We were on the lookout for more wildflowers too.

The sandstone window mentioned on the sign.

We had an enjoyable few days at Kennedy Range though we were a little disappointed at the paucity of wildflowers but those that were there were lovely.

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1 Response to Days 81-83 – Kennedy Range National Park

  1. Kay says:

    Glad to see that you got up to see the sunrise.

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