Days 86 & 87 – Minilya Rest Area

25th & 26th August, 2016.

Our original plan had been to retrace our steps from Mt Augustus past Kennedy Range, back to Gascoyne Junction and then to Carnarvon to do our restocking. However, on consulting the map we decided it didn’t make much sense to go over old ground when we could take a more direct route to the North West Coast Highway.

So we retraced our route to the junction of the road from Kennedy Range to Mt Augustus and then struck west to meet roads that would take us either north or south to intersect with the highway. All went well as we had travelled most of this route previously until we got to a section of the road that was both hilly and narrow. I was beginning to rue my decision but in the end it wasn’t too bad. Then we had to decide whether to go right towards Lyndon where the road would intersect with the highway at Barradale meaning we would have to head south to connect with the road to Exmouth or take the left fork which would bring us out on the highway near Minilya and a more direct route to Exmouth. We chose the left fork and it was not too bad. A few corrugations along the way but nothing worse than we have previously experienced.

We arrived at the Minilya Rest Area at a reasonable hour to have lunch, chose a good spot and set up camp. As it happened, we had two nights until we could go to our camp spot in the Cape Range National Park so we decided to spend the time here. It was fairly close to the highway but there was not much traffic to disturb us and we were able to get bread at the roadhouse a few hundred meters up the road.

There was a cache nearby so that gave Erich something to do in the morning while taking photos.

The cache was located in one of these old water tanks.

It looks as though we are crowded in but that is just the perspective of the photo – we had enough space around us.

So we spent a quiet couple of days with Erich processing his photos while I caught up with the blog.

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